The Taos Land Trust (TLT) is beginning the process of revitalizing a 20-acre property with 13 acres of historical agricultural land and 7 acres of wetland next to Fred Baca Park. This project will revitalize a section of the Rio Fernando River, bring an acequia back to life, and restore the once-productive agricultural lands of this property. Once finished, the site will provide our community and its visitors with downtown access to the river and green space through a network of trails. The ongoing rehabilitation work will also be used for educational demonstrations of best practices for conservation of soil, water and habitat.

Planning Process

Led by Groundwork Studio, the Master Planning process began fall of 2017. Following a process of information gathering, visioning and plan refinement, a Master Plan for the 20-acres will be complete by fall 2018. The Master Planning process will be followed by building and creating the vision of our community. Let us know if you want to be involved.

Project Goals

  • Revitalize a critical wetland of Taos to improve the water quality and quantity that feeds the Rio Grande, to help mitigate climate change by minimizing the effects of extreme storms after periods of extreme drought, and to enhance critical habitat to migratory and resident species.
  • Add a uniquely different park experience to Taos, for both community members and visitors, in terms of wetlands, green space, agricultural fields, walking trails and access to the Rio Fernando.
  • Create a park that is a key field site for the education. This will include hands-on demonstrations of conservation techniques for the community and partnerships with local high school and college educators.

The Park Site

The future Rio Fernando Park is a 20-acre parcel owned by the Taos Land Trust in Taos, New Mexico. Located one mile from the center of downtown, the property contains 7 acres of wetlands that hug the Rio Fernando de Taos. This wetland connects to a broader wetland, spilling out into the adjacent Fred Baca public park and downstream to the Rio Pueblo that feeds the Rio Grande. The remainder of the property has approximately 13 acres of urban forest and land once used for agriculture and ranching.

Your help is crucial to make this project a success!

Partners & Sponsors

Thank you to our partners and sponsors for this project. Our partners are critical to making this project a success.


Steering Committee

  • Groundwork Studio
  • Keystone Restoration Ecology
  • Amigos Bravos
  • Town of Taos
  • Taos County
  • Taos Pueblo
  • Taos Pueblo Natural Resources Division
  • Taos Pueblo Youth Conservation Corps
  • StemArts Lab / PASEO
  • Rio Chiquito Consulting
  • Allianza Agri-Cultura
  • Taos Valley Acequia Association
  • Taos Tree Board
  • Taos High School
  • Sound Tree
  • Las Cumbres
  • Taos Historical Society
  • UNM Taos