On Sunday, Feb. 25th community members joined us at Bataan Hall to envision the future Rio Fernando Park. Participants engaged in a number of activities including a giant chalkboard, visioning matrix and “idea boat” origami. Special thanks to the PASEO project for sharing their giant “The Taos We Want” chalkboard, where we learned about the values and vision of the Taos community, and what community members are willing to do to make their vision a reality. The visioning matrix for the Rio Fernando Park invited participants to place their desired activities within a framework of goals for the project, and the results will directly inform the planning process of which activities support the broadest intersections of these goals. We all tried our hand at folding miniature paper boats, writing words to describe our connection to the land and water on the sides. The boats will be ‘released’ on the Rio Fernando Property during the April 29th event to highlight the path of water across the site and represent the launching of this exciting project.

Community Chalk Board Activity

Visioning Matrix

Event Photos

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